High-low Skirt/ Beige Ruffled Shirt

Hello! Today I’m doing 2 different outfits (one I’m wearing and one my sister’s wearing) to make up for not writing all week. Trying to adjust to school and dance starting!


I love this outfit! It feels very feminine and comfortable to wear. It’s only flaw: I’m always nervous I’m going to tear the skirt!


What she wore:

Cream high-low skirt: I got this at Cato with a gift card for my birthday. It was about 12 dollars or so.

Pink tank top: I have no idea where this came from. It’s been in my closet for years!

Beige cardigan: I wore this in a recent post. From Wal-Mart; on sale for 2 dollars.

Lacy cream tank top: You can’t see it well in pictures, but the pink shirt is pretty low-cut, so I put the lace tank under it.

Yellow bow: Umm…. Not sure. My mom has a bow and tutu making business, so we probably have a couple hundred bows lying around the house.


I hope you liked this outfit! Now on to the next…….


Honestly, I need a new camera. ; ) Well, this shirt belongs to my sister, but she has never worn it. It’s pretty funny, actually. She (or my mom) will buy clothes for her. She’ll come home, try the clothes on, (that she picked out), and decide that they don’t look good on her. The clothes will promptly go to the back of the closet and will never be worn. : ) Most of the time I’ll find the clothes and accessorize them so that I’ll like it.


What I wore:

Beige top with ruffled sleeves: $9.99. From Cato. : )

Denim skirt: It probably wasn’t more than several dollars. You can find cute things even at consignment or thrift shops. ; )

Accessories: Belt: From Cato, Necklace and Earrings set: These were personalized with my initials on some jewelry web site.

Shoes: Academy Sports.


Have a nice weekend!


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