Modesty and the Bible

Witnessing Through What You Wear

Hello! It has been quite a few days since I’ve written anything, because…. my mom had her baby September 15th! She is SO precious, but this time, my post isn’t going to be about her. Nor will it be about modest fashion or pictures. Yes, it’s about witnessing.

I’m am definitely not an expert or authority about witnessing whatsoever, but I felt like it is was good subject to discuss. My experience is based on leaving tracts or pro-life cards places, such as a gas station, pharmacy, or waiting room. But you can also be a Christian witness by how you dress.

Being in a big family, having seven kids, and all the girls wearing skirts is enough to make people in a grocery store curious about WHY we do what we do. We do get stared at sometimes! Also, as strange as this seems, several years before we were convicted of dressing modestly, having about four kids, we used to get comments such as:

“Wow, you must have your hands full!


“How can you handle having so many kids? I can barely handle my two.”

My point is that now that we probably look a little different than the average family (more kids, girls wearing skirts, girls having longer hair, etc.) We almost never get comments like that! When we did get comments, the girls were wearing jeans or shorts most of the time. It’s like people assume that we are Christians and those are part of our beliefs. Another point I’d like to make is that in a wonderful book that I’ve been reading, called Young Woman, Be Virtuous!; the authors, who are Mennonites, tell of a time when a couple came up to them and tell them that when they see people like them, it makes them think of God. Shouldn’t this be what all Christians want?

I’ve have a story to tell about this. Yesterday night, my dad and I ran to the store to get groceries and party things for my little sisters birthday party. We got everything that was on the list (and some things that wasn’t on the list: ) and went to the cash register. As the cashier was ringing everything up, I noticed her looking at me kind of funny.

She asked, “Aren’t there usually more of you?”

I laughed. “Yes, there is. We have seven kids.”

“That’s right! I knew you looked really familiar, but I thought you had five kids. I remembered your mom looked really pregnant, and…”

 We chatted for a few minutes, while loading groceries into the buggy, and my dad went to pay, and she said,

“Um, I have a question that I want to ask you that I’ve never asked anyone before because I’ve always felt too embarrassed,” she said rather quickly.

I smiled, encouraging her to continue.

She said, “Well, are you guys Pentecostal? I wondered because see, all you girls wear long skirts and have long hair.”

“No, we’re Baptist,” I answered.

“Oh, really? You’re Baptist? Well, …..” and we continued talking.

I enjoyed talking to her, a lady in probably her mid-thirties or so, and she bid us good-bye with a cheerful “Have a nice night!”

 I told my dad that I thought it was funny that a cashier remembered us later on. “We must stand out a little bit,” I teased.

My dad shook his head. “No, it means that we are in Wal-Mart too often.” This is also true. We have a Wal-Mart less than ten minutes from our house, and we go at least 3 times a week for miscellaneous items.

Jesus tells us to be the salt and light of the world. This lady knew we were Christians, and it made her curious to know more about us. She also asked a few more politely asked questions that I didn’t write down, but I think the point was made. I also a somewhat humorous/discouraging story to tell about leaving a tract out that looks like a million dollar bill.

This was several years ago, but as our family was walking out of an antique store, I causally dropped a tract behind me on the sidewalk. My younger brother picked it up and handed it to me, “Here, you dropped this.” (Now my brother would have tracts in his pocket too!) I sighed and said yes, I knew  I had left it there. My brother ran back and put it from whence it came, and a lady, hearing our conversation, purposely stomped on it as she was walking into the antique store. Later as we pulled out of the parking space, I saw a man pick it up, discover it wasn’t a real bill, and dropped it back on the sidewalk. Okay, I know this wasn’t a super encouraging story (Sorry!) But not everyone is ready to be open to the Gospel. Hopefully, in time they will come to know Jesus, but all I could do was leave the tract. Maybe someday a tract my family left will impact a person!

(To the person who doesn’t know what a tract is, a tract is a card that tells someone about how Jesus loves them and wants to save them. That they need Jesus to help them, and they are unable to keep God’s Ten Commandments) I’m pretty sure that you can buy tracts on the Internet or at a Christian bookstore.

I plan on writing a post about why we changed how we dressed later on this year. : )


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