Awk and Awe

Awk and Awe for the Week

Hey y’all! It has been quite awhile since I’ve blogged, and I really miss it! How has everyone’s week been? Slightly busy? ; ) I’ve never done an awk and awe post before, but if I can be completely honest, they are some of my favorites to look at on fashion blogs I follow. It just makes life more laughable and enjoyable sometimes, especially if it has been a long week. I’ve spent most of my week in a dance studio, so I understand!


: Trying to turn on a DVD while holding your baby sister in one arm

: Walking outside barefoot. Cold!

: Making homemade fries for the first time in the oven ( Are they done yet???)

: Running out of hairspray

: Reading at dance and everyone always asks you what your reading

: Crocheting in the car

: Your hair falling out of a bun as your doing fast turns (This has happened more than once!)

: Searching for a missing shoe on Sunday morning

: Hearing gun shots as I write (Deer hunting season!)

: Making hot chocolate that turns out to be lukewarm chocolate (The recipe said don’t boil!)


: Whipped cream!

: Bible studies on non-dance nights

: Laughter (it’s a medicine, right?)

: Crunching leaves as you walk outside. The beautiful colors!

: Holiday planning! Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming soon!

: I Love Lucy. My sisters and I watch it every night!

: Planning blog posts

: I’m getting my braces off this Wednesday! Yay!

: Pulling the boots and sweaters out of the closet, but still keeping the short-sleeved shirts. In Georgia, we actually have somewhat warm days!

: Dancing with sisters in Christ. I’m so blessed to go to a Christian dance studio!

Speaking of dance, something really incredible happened! Two months ago I got new pointe shoes (hard shoes where you dance on the tip of your toes) and now they are too worn to wear. Pointe shoes are supposed to last about 6 months before they get soft and won’t support you. I explained to my teacher that I can’t get new ones for another 4 months , because pointe shoes are really expensive! The next day my mom got a call from our dance store saying that someone bought me pointe shoes as a gift! I was so thankful and I have a sneaking suspicion that my dance instructor bought them for me. She won’t tell me though! ; ) God is amazing!


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