Old-Fashioned Fellowship

      Hey y’all! I am so excited to share that my braces (after wearing them for 2 1/2 years, having oral surgery to extract permanent teeth, and having 8 baby teeth pulled) are finally off! I have a small mouth to anyone who’s a little curious why I had so many teeth pulled. ; )


     Yay! I was so excited, and I pretty much got the star treatment at the orthodontist.  This picture was actually taken by the receptionist and put on their Facebook page! ; )

     Anyways, do any of you ever feel that cell phones, laptops, IPODs, and everything in between are sometimes distractions or even kind of pointless? Of course, having phones or IPODs is not a bad thing in itself, (I do have a phone), but many times I feel kind of shut out or ignored because everyone is staring at a screen. Know what I mean?

    Saying I have a phone isn’t very much. I can call, but that’s it. No texting, IMing, or Internet. Honestly, that is the way I want it right now. (Not saying that will never change. ; ) But for me, I feel that we are wasting a lot of our time when we could be doing more productive things. As teenagers, wouldn’t it be better to be learning basic household needs, building relationships with godly young ladies, reading our Bible or other books that will encourage you in your walk in the Lord, being involved in a ministry, or other activities that will benefit you? Such as learning reading, writing, knitting, crocheting, cooking, cleaning, gardening, memorization, instruments, drawing, poetry. The list is endless, yet so many people (myself included) choose to waste their time doing mindless activities that are just for fun. Shouldn’t we now, while we’re young, be trying our best to learn as much as we can for God?

        The word I used was fellowship, because at my dance school, whenever we have breaks this is what happens. Almost every girl grabs their phone, and stays on it the entire break. The room is absolutely silent, and the few of us who don’t have phones sit around feeling very uncomfortable. Whatever happened to people talking to each other’s faces, instead of by a screen. (I guarantee some girls text each other when they are sitting two feet apart.) These same girls share their personal lives with complete strangers they found on Facebook or Instagram, and talk about them like they are some of their closest friends. (Sigh.) Who created IPHONEs anyway? ; )

         One mom told me a few nights ago when we were both crocheting in the lobby that she read something that said that the next generation won’t have grandmas sitting in rocking chairs knitting, they’ll be taking selfies. (That made me laugh!) It is true though, that most girls don’t learn how to crochet or knit when they’re young, so why would they do it when they grow up? Another thing one of my teachers told me is that when someone starts talking to her, she try’s to remember to put her phone down on a table so they know she is listening. This is a good thing to practice!

         My point is, it’s a good thing to try to cut out technology sometimes and get back to simple things, building relationships with your family and friends (face to face) while you can. Thanks for all who read!

         Does anyone have any suggestions or topics that you’d like for me to blog about? I’d love to hear from you and your ideas!



5 thoughts on “Old-Fashioned Fellowship

  1. At lunch one day I went to my maths teacher for help on homework, and she told me that another teacher had got her obsessed with a game on her phone. I asked her questions about the work and she did help me, but she only ever took her eyes away from the screen when she was looking at my homework and answering my question! I found it so rude and I was really annoyed at her. I don’t think she even knew how impolite she was being! It is awful. Great post 🙂


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