God’s NOT Dead

Hey everyone! Yes, I’ve finally seen God’s NOT Dead! : ) It was so encouraging and uplifting, and I wanted to share with y’all about it. (For those who have not seen it. : )

The story is kind of complicated. Freshman Josh begins college and is in a philosophy class. The professor is a self-proclaimed atheist, and the first assignment is to write on a piece of paper that God is dead and sign your name. Josh is a Christian and tells the professor that he can’t write that, so his assignment is that he give lectures that week to prove the existence of God and Professor (I can’t remember his name!) will give lectures to try to prove that God does not exist. The class will vote on whether they thought Josh or Professor was more convincing, and if Josh “loses” he will have failed that philosophy class.

Josh accepts the challenge and he starts studying. A lot.

There are three other more minor characters whose lives are followed as well. Another girl in college whose father does not believe Jesus is the Son of God, a reporter who was diagnosed with cancer and is not a Christian, and the professor’s girlfriend who is a Christian.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to spoil the movie for you. : ) I won’t tell you what happens, but you can be assured that it was very good! I recommend it to everyone!

Favorite moments from the movie:

: When the reporter is interviewing Willie Robertson and Korie. She turns to Korie and says, “I’m surprised you’re here, I thought you’d be home….. Barefoot and pregnant….

: When the girl with the non-Christian father bravely tells him that Jesus is her Lord and Savior when he discovers she was reading 1st Corinthians

: When a pastor is talking to the professor’s girlfriend. He tells her how much she is loved by Jesus when she felt like she should break up with Professor, but feared he wouldn’t allow it

: When Josh and Professor are having a heated debate and Josh asks him why he hated God. Professor answered (yelled), “Because he took everything from me!”       Josh looked at him and answered softly, “How can you hate something that’s dead?”

: At the end of the debate, the whole philosophy class stands up and says, “God’s not dead.”

: The reporter is challenging the Newsboys’ beliefs. One of the Newsboys tells her about God’s forgiveness, and the guy next to him says, “Yeah, and he’s just the drummer.”

: The concert at the end!

God’s NOT Dead had so many more amazing moments, but you’ll have to watch it for yourself. My whole family watched it together. You will truly be blessed!


2 thoughts on “God’s NOT Dead

  1. Great movie!!!! My family watched it together… oh, about 2 months ago, I guess?? lol It was *much* better than I expected (the acting, and intricate substories) and I really liked it! Enjoyed your little review of it 🙂


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