How I Made Pants Modest for Six Flags : )

 Hey y’all! I wanted to share with you what I wore to Six Flags, a few days before Thanksgiving. I don’t wear pants on a normal daily basis, but there are sometimes when pants are more practical and you can still be feminine. Like if you’re riding roller coasters where a seat belt goes between your legs. ; )


The shirt and pants belong to my mom; I don’t have any pants that fit me. Since I haven’t worn them since my 13th birthday sleepover. ; )


I made sure that whatever shirt I wore covered my backside and that the pants were loose-fitting. Then I was good to go! (Other than accessories, something no girl should be without. ; ) Just kidding!


This is my hair after dance class. I left a chunk of hair under my ponytail out, braided it, and looped it around my head like a headband. Several girls today asked me if it was real. ; ) Yes, that is my hair.


Six Flags was a lot of fun! It actually wasn’t too cold, and lines not too crowded. We were able to ride several of our favorite rides! One funny/ slightly annoying part. The employees would loudly sing Christmas songs off-key during some of the slower rides, such as the carousel or kid rides. ; )


Thanks! I hope everyone has a blessed weekend!


10 thoughts on “How I Made Pants Modest for Six Flags : )

  1. What a lovely outfit! I can definitely understand how going to Six Flags would make wearing a skirt/dress more immodest than wearing jeans! I just love the practicality of this outfit! It is so feminine but also has a very casual, laid back look to it.

    So you take dance classes? I do as well! I have to say, that is when it can be very hard to dress modestly because I stick out like a sore thumb! What exactly do you wear and what is your dance studio like?


      1. Hi Laura! Sorry, I was reading your comment on my mom’s iPhone and I didn’t see all of it. : ) I go to Steps of Faith in Cartersville, GA. It’s a Christian pre-professional studio, mainly focused on ballet and pointe, but they do have jazz, modern, musical theatre, tap, just about everything. I completely understand feeling like you stick out! Most of the girls respect my beliefs, but I have had some negative comments….
        Being ballet, we’re only allowed to wear a leotard and tights during class, but if there is a male dancer (as there is occasionally) we are allowed to wear a ballet skirt. For non-ballet classes, we can wear whatever we want as long as the teacher can see us. : ) What style of dance do you do?


  2. love how you made your jeans modest 🙂 It *really* irks me when people say it’s a literal sin to even wear pants. 😦 I completely agree that in many cases it IS immodest, though, and you’ve found a wonderfully stylish way to remedy that!!! 😉


    1. Thank you Katie! I agree that is usually easier to be modest wearing skirts, but pants are more modest sometimes depending on how you wear them and what activity you are doing. : )


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