Performances, Recitals, and Hairspray

 Hey everyone! Yesterday was a very busy day at my house. My sisters and I got up at 5 am to dance at a performance for our company. I can still smell hairspray in my hair! Then later my little brother had a guitar recital. : ) Honestly, by the end of that day all I wanted was my pillow. ; ) Today I’m going to share what I wore to my brother’s recital. (I also have another dance rehearsal in two hours, so I’m writing fast!)


 I got this skirt at Cato last summer. Even though it has a breezy-just flew in look, I thought it would also work for winter. : )


I asked my mom to let me borrow this necklace since it’s one of my favorites. My mom and I both like owls!


I’ve been dubbed “Rapunzel” by some of my friends at dance. One day we were allowed to dress up, and of course everyone went for Disney. I was Rapunzel and it stuck. ; )


I’m wearing my only pair of cowgirl boots in these pictures. Sometimes when I put them on, the whole look changes to more country than I like. I thought they might look nice with this outfit, though. : )


Thanks so much! I really appreciate it!


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