More Dance Pictures!

Hey y’all! After I wrote Tech Week, I found my mom had a lot more pictures on her phone. So here I am, doing another post!


This is me on Sunday before my third and final show. My mom is super talented, and she made this shirt. The shirt is kind of a joke, though. My main teacher/ ballet mistress loves cats, so my shirt says Meowy Christmas with an adorable kitten. It turned out pretty cute!


Okay, I’ll admit it. This is me on Superhero Day. I’m Violet from The Incredibles. ; ) My mom was truly awesome this week. I merely mentioned trying to find something to wear to be Violet, and she hands me this mask and logo ten minutes later. : )


On stage! This is a Party Scene, and I was the Hostess in this dance. I’m the one wearing a cream dress with the blue sash. ; )


This dance is called Welcome to Our World. We’re supposed to be the villagers in mourning before Jesus was born. (Mary is in the center)

As you can see, this has been a very full week! Thank y’all so much!


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