A Quiet Peace

Hey everyone! I hope everyone had a blessed and wonderful Christmas, and soon a happy new year! : )

I named this post A Quiet Peace because that’s how I feel right now. Peaceful. Calm. I love how my home computer is right next to a big window overlooking the trees and mountains. It’s so beautiful. : ) Maybe it’s because I spent half my day yesterday watching Anne of Green Gables and When Calls the Heart. I really do think I was born in the wrong era. : )

  Anyways, this is what I’m wearing right now. The sweater and boots were Christmas presents, and I had to wear them right away, right? : )


My sister got a really nice camera for Christmas! She loves photography, and she’s pretty good at it. : )


I absolutely love this necklace. My mom gave it to me, and it’s called a “mother and child” necklace. It has two hearts in the center of the big heart.


It honestly does shock me when I see pictures of my hair. It doesn’t feel that long…. : )


New black boots! Yay!


This sweater is so soft! I love how it’s not too tight or too loose. I’m actually going to miss winter when it gets too hot to wear them. A surprise because I usually dread winter. ; )


Thanks! Happy Holidays!


5 thoughts on “A Quiet Peace

  1. Watching Anne of Green Gables?!?! We were just doing that Wednesday, and my little sister wanted to watch it again today but we didn’t have time. Haha


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