Guest Post: Eden’s Evaluations

So…. Day 2 of this Guest Post Week! I’m excited to introduce to you Eden, from Eden’s Evaluations.

Hey Everyone!

I’m Eden from Eden’s Evaluations and I’d like to give a big Thank You to Melani for asking me to guest-post!This outfit was one that I put together in early Fall… I love the way it worked and therefore continue to wear it through Winter… with a few slight “wintery” changes. 😉

Thanks to Judah, my little bro, for taking the pictures!
Here is the overall look… and wow… I have no idea why my skirt looks so bright and neon!
There… that’s a bit better color wise… 😉
Outfit Details ~ 
Skirt ~ Kosher Casual – This skirt is AWESOME! It matches so well and is super cute and flowy!
Blouse ~ Pick Pocket Molly Sale Event
Sweater Top ~ Twice, American Eagle (Click HERE to find out how you can make your first order for FREE!)
 Shoes ~ Friend
Necklace ~ Some random store in Ethiopia! (Thanks Daddy! <3)
Earrings ~ Gypsy Affairs (Etsy Shop)
Nail Polish ~ Payless
Last but not least, these are my earrings… I matched the color with my nail polish to give the outfit a pop of color.

So yeah… there you go! What did you think? What would you add or take away? Leave your thoughts in the comments, and don’t forget to visit my blog at: again, Melani, for making this possible! 🙂 🙂

I love your outfit Eden! Thanks for posting!


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