Posing in the Snow : )

It’s snowing here in Georgia! : ) We are all really excited about it, and it is So pretty! I had to do at least one post in the snow, right? It’ll probably be melted in a day or two, so I took advantage of the opportunity! : )


It only snowed about 3 inches, but I am still excited about it. A strange thing for a girl who canNOT stand the cold. I was always saying that I was meant to live in South America. : )


My mom found this shirt at Bealls. I like it, but for this post I decided to tie it up in the back and add a white tank top. It just seemed to fit. : )


My skirt? Hmm…. I don’t remember where it came from. I pulled it out of storage last year, and it fit. So in my closet it went!


My sweet mom is always very generous of her clothes and accessories. This necklace belongs to her, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked to borrow her hats, jewelry, scarves, and sweaters. : )


Warm Winter Blessings! Stay safe in the weather!

For the Lord Jesus will cleanse us, and make us white as snow. (Isaiah)


6 thoughts on “Posing in the Snow : )

  1. Melani, your outfit is beautiful! Your statement necklace is so cute, and adds really nice character to your whole outfit. Looking outside my window right now, I see sunny/partly clouded skies and it’s around 55 degrees. Half of me would love some snow, the other half is enjoying this strangely-warm-for-march-in-oregon weather. 🙂


    1. Thanks, Ashley! I do love wearing my mom’s jewelry. ; ) You are blessed to have warm weather! I never cease to check our temperature every morning. Hoping it will warm up… Well, now that the snow has melted, I’m waiting for leaf buds to form on the trees. So excited for spring!


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