Style? In the Snow?

Hello everyone!  Another post in the snow today. : ) As for my title, that was my dilemma today. I wanted to wear something that was pretty,yet still kept me warm. I still have my short-sleeved shirts out, and I do wear them and a light jacket most of the time. The snow made it much colder outside though, so I wanted to wear something that I wouldn’t freeze in, but was something blog-worthy. ( You know, not just a t-shirt and multiple sweaters.)


This is what I came up with. Not very warm, but I wasn’t hanging out outside. My sister and I had a quick photo-shoot, then I went in the house. I’m not a very outdoorsy girl anyway. ; )


My skirt came from a consignment or thrift store. A gift from grandma. : ) My sweater is another item belonging to my mom. (Don’t worry, I return what I borrow.)


My sister is starting a new blog! She has invited several other girls to do a group blog. She has several posts up already, and they write about crafts, recipes, books/movie reviews, photography, modest fashion. Just about everything under the sun. ; ) Here is their link!


Another blog I’d like to share is a book/movie review blog. The blog is about 3 sisters who write up reviews on popular books and movies! I know these girls personally; we used to go to the same church. : ) They are super sweet. Here is their link!


My earrings came from Cato. I thought they had a little bit of a wintery look, and they matched my shirt. : )


The snow knocked our power out last night. We were having a family Bible study, around 8:30 pm, when it became pitch black. We lit some oil lamps, finished the study, and went to bed. (Well, my sisters were watching/spying on people riding four wheelers and golf carts.)


: )

Photos were taken by Maddy, the owner of Digital Diary.


8 thoughts on “Style? In the Snow?

  1. Very nice, warm outfit! Keeping warm is a constant struggle in the midwest! It has been far too cold for my taste, and all I want to do is wear sweaters and warm denim skirts! So much for style … haha! You did a very nice job combining style with warmth, though 🙂


    1. Thanks, Laura! I do understand the cold. I’ve really not been in the mood to bother with being creative, but I’m trying! ; ) I can’t wait for Spring and flip flops! Denim skirts and sweaters have been my normal as well. If only I liked leggings… : )


  2. Hey Melani! I really like that outfit! Hope you’re having fun in the snow! 🙂 If you want to interview me, I will be happy to be interviewed. If you want to, please contact me on my blog and I will email you my answers. 🙂
    Love in Christ,


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