Mountains and Cupcakes

Greetings from Tennessee! My family is spending the weekend in the beautiful Smoky Mountains. Oh, and the cupcakes? Stick around. ; )


These mountains are simply breathtaking. They look like layers of blue fabric, getting lighter the further they are. : )


Isn’t God’s creation beautiful? No words can describe how pretty these mountains are!


Now for the cupcake story. We were shopping in the Island, when I noticed that a bakery had a sign on the window that had the Food Network and Cupcake Wars Winner. I freaked out. (Just kidding.) You see, I watch Cupcake Wars all the time at home. Almost every day. So when I saw that this bakery had won Cupcake Wars, I was so excited! My mom watches the show too, so we went in there and bought 6 cupcakes. My family was teasing my enthusiasm… I was more than a little excited. ; )


Me with 2 of my younger siblings. : )


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