Cover Up for Christ is Visiting. : )

Good afternoon! Bree, from Cover Up for Christ, will be doing a modesty post for us today. : ) I am very excited about it! She is such an inspiration and sweet friend! : ) Thank you so much, Bree!


Hello everyone!

First of all, I want to thank Melani for encouraging ladies to dress modestly (and for inviting me to share an outfit on her blog, you are so sweet!).  The world is constantly bombarding us with immodesty.  It makes me happy to know that there are more young ladies blogging about modest fashion nowadays.  Lets be shining lights and encourage others in their walk towards Jesus!


 My sisters and I went for a walk through the fields this evening.  Sarah brought along her camera and was the photographer.  Julia came along just for fun!  The sun was starting to set as we walked around the perimeter of our property.  Thankfully, it is finally starting to look like spring again!


 Today we celebrated Saint Patrick’s day.  (Yes, we were a little bit late this year, life got in the way so we had to postpone our usual Irish festivities.)  Our family is very Irish, which makes the day even more special and fun. When I woke I quickly dressed, but I forget to include the color green by accident.  Sarah noticed right away and warned me that if I was not wearing any green I would be pinched by one of my younger siblings, or she would do the honor herself.  I suddenly held up my hand and showed her my emerald ring, but she didn’t think that it was a sufficient amount of the color at all.  Haha.  I ended up changing into this outfit, making sure that I was wearing plenty of green!


 What I’m Wearing: Top: Goodwill ($2.99), Skirt: Goodwill ($3.99), Cardigan: from my Grandma, Boots: borrowed from Julia.



4 thoughts on “Cover Up for Christ is Visiting. : )

  1. I love seeing girls and women dressing modestly…. it sure sets us apart from the world and I am glad for those who do it. Thank you for being one of those who value modesty. 🙂


  2. Love the fact too that there are many blogs on modesty. I think a lady looks so much more elegant and beautiful dressed to honor our Lord. I don’t think we teach enough about what dressing immodestly says to the world. Keep up the good work !!!!


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