A Little Over-Dressed… : )

This is what I wore to my brother’s guitar lesson a few weeks ago. : ) My mom had bought this flower at Hobby Lobby, and I instantly loved it. She bought it for my baby sister’s pictures, but I borrowed it for the day… ; ) As for my outfit, I wanted to find something that would match my hair accessory. So instead of trying to find an accessory to match my outfit; I tried to find an outfit that would match my accessory. Seems backwards, right? : )


So I may appear a little over-dressed for a music lesson. I didn’t even get out of the car. ; ) Sometimes I like to dress up a little for no reason at all… ; )


Shoes are a hand-me-down from my mom. : )

My shirt came from Belk. My sister had claimed it for a few weeks, so this is first time I’ve worn it in awhile…


I really like how the flower has a little of everything. Lace, burlap, yarn, and a pearl and rhinestone in the center.


My skirt and belt came from Cato. The belt came with a cream lace dress, but I take it off and use it for other things as well. : )

Have a blessed week!


6 thoughts on “A Little Over-Dressed… : )

    1. Thanks, Katie! While the shirt was a birthday present, it somehow found it’s way into my sister’s closet… : ) As for a dress at a soccer game… Why not? ; ) Have a blessed day!

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