Modest at the Beach (And a Little Wind-Blown Hair)

Hello! I just got back from a trip to the beach and it was lovely. : ) We had a short photo shoot along the way… and my mom  will also be shown as well. (No, this is not a swimsuit post.) We took a walk on the beach when the sun was just beginning to set, and nevertheless, it was slightly windy.


I warned you about my hair! It only gets worse, folks, and eventually it was promptly pulled back into a bun.


My shirt came from Cato. It instantly stood out to me for it’s light pastel peachy color, and it was even on sale!


I’m also wearing a denim skirt which is difficult to tell in the picture.  : )



Please ignore my hair. ; )

Now on to my mom…


Sweet baby sister also pictured. : )


My mom bought this lovely gray and blue striped skirt at Wal-Mart.



I love her necklace! It looks so elegant next to her black shirt. : )


You can often find me borrowing my mom’s clothes. ; ) She’s very stylish!

Have a wonderful rest of the week; thanks for stopping by!


16 thoughts on “Modest at the Beach (And a Little Wind-Blown Hair)

  1. Your hair is soooooo pretty! And you! 🙂 Your mom is so pretty too! Does she have a blog? Because I think I’ve stumbled across it before and I recognized a picture of you I think!


  2. Love the fact that you can keep your modesty – even at the beach. And really cute outfits. PS- your hair is beautiful !! Thanks for sharing. Visiting from What Joy is Mine.


  3. What lovely photos, and what a wonderful place to be with you mum and sister. Your outfits are really nice and I think your hair looks lovely too. Thanks for sharing this with us at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings to you and your family


    1. Thanks for asking! We do go swimming at the beach, and we’ve found that tennis shirts and skirts for one, are really similar to swimsuit material. My mom, sisters, and I wear a swim tank or t shirt, a swim skirt, and spandex shorts or leggings. Me and my sister’s swimsuit this year was actually a tennis outfit. We bought it from Academy Sports. : )


  4. What beautiful pictures of a special time at the beach without compromising your modesty! Both you and your mother are beautiful, and you could pass for sisters! Glad to have found your blog today through Roses of Inspiration 🙂


  5. Hello dear Melani! May I just say that is was truly a blessing to see you at Roses of Inspiration – thank you so much for linking up 🙂 Your post was quite refreshing and your outfit is quite lovely! Your top is beautiful and has given me an idea to add some lace to one of my plain shirts.

    Happy weekend, dear one! Stephanie – The Enchanting Rose


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