It is Tolerable, I Suppose

Does that phrase sound familiar? I recently bought a skirt at Cato that I knew was a little too long, but it was handsome enough to tempt me. It ended up in my closet anyway. ; ) Pride and Prejudice fans will understand this.


I love the book and movie!


In order to make my skirt work; I wore it on my waist and added taller shoes.



My necklace was a gift from my grandma, and it is an abstract dancer. : )


I may have gotten a little distracted…




Thanks for visiting!


16 thoughts on “It is Tolerable, I Suppose

  1. I love the outfit and I think the longer skirt makes you look classy !!!! Love the flowers – very springy. Thanks for sharing. Visiting from A Wise Woman.


    1. Hey Amber! Sadly, I have no control over the ads that are on my blog at the bottom of the post. I apologize if it was inappropriate; I wish I could change that! : ) Thanks for commenting!


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