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Photoshoot at Lake Ontario

Hey y’all! I’m writing from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and am in the middle of road trip through Georgia, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York! : ) This is my first time seeing one of the Great Lakes, and I’ll tell you – it looks like an ocean!


I’m wearing a mint green shirt with white accents, which I think came from Ross. : ) I tucked my shirt into an almost straight black skirt, and added a belt and jacket.


I couldn’t believe that it was actually cold in New York. Sometimes. ; ) Here in Georgia, summer is hot and humid- no matter what time of day it is.



Have a wonderful week!


5 thoughts on “Photoshoot at Lake Ontario

    1. Hey Eden! I haven’t talked to you in awhile, how are you? : ) I’m doing well, and I’m still dancing. A little less than usual, but still dancing. : ) Thanks for visiting!


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