Bringing Back the Boots!

Hey there! I can’t believe that I haven’t blogged Anything since July. Where has time gone? It has been very busy around my house lately, but I will try to get back into posting an outfit once or twice every two weeks. Try. ; )


Yes, it’s actually raining outside. The umbrella was not supposed to be a “prop.”  : )


I’m pretty sure that my skirt came from a thrift store, and my boots were a present. They may have come from Kohls or Belk.


I cut my hair! Four inches. ; ) I don’t know about you, but I am so excited for the fall season. Actually, later today my family is going to a pumpkin patch. Can’t wait! : )


I am also wearing a light pink tank with a gray sweater. The skirt was a little too short for me when I put it on my waist, so I added black leggings and brown boots. : )


Have a wonderful weekend!



8 thoughts on “Bringing Back the Boots!

  1. Yeah!! I have missed you 😉
    You hair is still VERY long even without that 4”!!!!!!!
    Love your outfit!!
    I cant wait for cooler weather!! It is still in the 90nds around here ;-(
    Keep posting!!!!!!


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