My Sister’s Skirt and My Favorite Purse : )

Welcome! Today I’m sharing a maxi skirt that “technically” belongs to my sister. She’s never worn it, and I wear it all the time, so I guess it belongs to me even though it was she who bought it. Why has she never worn it? She got it and decided that she didn’t like it, so it got lost for several months until I found it. So it’s mine. I think. : )


I absolutely love this skirt. It’s tan with the white pattern over it, and it matches pretty much everything. I’ve worn it with gray, brown, pink, blue… : ) This is off topic, but has anyone ever read Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers? I just recently finished it, and it was so good! One of my favorite things about fall is sitting on the front porch with a good book!


This Coach purse was one that belonged to my mom and I had always liked it. Well, when she was cleaning out her closet she gave it to me. With all the girls in our house, we together own way too many purses. ; ) It used to have a “shabby chic” flower attached to it with a safety pin, but I took it off because it always coming undone and stabbing me in the arm. ; ) I’m thinking of tying a burlap ribbon around one of the handles.


I’m looking forward to pulling out the sweaters! It’s October and I’m still wearing flip flops most days. (Georgia, remember?) That hasn’t changed the leaves from changing colors though. My family just recently got back from a trip to Tennessee and the mountains were so pretty with the changing leaves! To celebrate fall, I picked it up some Thanksgiving and fall leaves cookie cutters at Hobby Lobby and made a huge batch of sugar cookies for the younger ones to decorate with frosting. It was fun!


Thanks for coming over and visiting today!

Have you done anything fun for the fall season?


9 thoughts on “My Sister’s Skirt and My Favorite Purse : )

  1. I love getting clothing pieces like that, the ones that my sisters never wear and somehow become mine but it’s still theirs… In Florida we’ll be wearing flip-flops in December, and sadly the leaves don’t change colors, but at least it gets somewhat cooler. Fall is so fun anyways!


    1. Isn’t it fun? My sister is much pickier than I am about clothes, and we’re only 14 months apart, so we share a lot. : ) I’d love to live in Florida… I guess we’re close neighbors then!


  2. Hi Melani! I’m so glad I found your blog (found it through the link up at the Modest Mom Blog) I will be passing this blog along to my daughter. I think she will find it most pleasant. It encourages me so much when I find blogs that deal with modesty. I was raised by a fairly modest family but still when I look back we really didn’t have any difining lines about modesty. I am thankful that my mom did instill modesty in me but up until the past 8 years or so, I still didn’t have definite modesty standards. As I’ve grown in the Lord, that has changed and I hope to instill this in my children (daughters and sons). Thank you for being willing to write about modesty from a young ladies point of view. May God Bless you for doing so!


    1. Thanks for taking the time to write a comment! I really do appreciate it. : ) I didn’t dress very modestly up until about 5 years ago. I love being able to share my journey!


  3. Thank you for swinging by King Maker blog and liking it ! Always so encouraging !
    I would LOVE to have you join the modest link -up party going on RIGHT NOW called Wearing with Wisdom . You may link up 1-10 old or new fashion and or beauty posts. Hope to see you there !


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