Autumn Inspired/My 50th Post

Autumn greetings everyone! This is my 50th post. (Yay!) Also, I wanted to do some fall outfits for this time of year. : )




I have to stop here. I have always thought the lace socks idea was adorable, but I really wasn’t willing to spend 20 dollars for a pair of socks. I happened to remember that my grandma had given me and my sister some long socks for winter last year.  I bought some lace trim at Hobby Lobby and sewed it to the top. So instead of 20 dollars, my socks cost about 20 cents. ; ) (The lace was on a long roll that was four dollars. I still have a lot left over.)


I got this maroon sweater at Plato’s Closet last year. That’s the only time that I’ve ever been, but I got 4 sweaters, so I should probably go back! I also borrowed my mom’s owl necklace.


(This is my hair.) I braided a chunk underneath and looped it around my head like a headband. : )


I hope that you all are enjoying fall as much as I am! Have a blessed week! : )


15 thoughts on “Autumn Inspired/My 50th Post

  1. Wow!! Your hair looks awesome!!! My hair never seems to want to corporate 😦
    I’m enjoying fall……if you could call it fall with 90 degree weather!!! Luckily the weekend it is suppose to be nice…YAY!! 🙂 By the way…I like the changes you did to your blog!!!


    1. Thanks, Cassidy! I literally get really excited when he temperature is a little cool. It seems more like fall to me. ; ) Thanks for the compliment! I have more changes coming…


  2. Love, love, love those socks, and that braid…AMAZING!! I have read every one of your posts, can’t get enough! I have a confession…I try to imitate your outfits…there. I said it! Haha! You are beautiful, girl!


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