The Crossways Character Interview

My friend Morgan is having a blog tour for book 2 of her Time Captives series. I did a post a few months ago about her first book, well, here’s a peek at the second one! This is a little different from the post about her first book, because it’s a character interview. Interviewing one of the characters in her book. Thanks, Morgan!

Captain Herb Interview

How did you turn to the life of a pirate?

I didn’t start out as a pirate. It’s just too hard to make a decent living—

Hey, Captain Herb. Author here. I don’t want you talking about that because I know it’ll lead to you know who, and I’m keeping that a secret as much as I can. No spoilers.

What am I allowed to say, then? It wasn’t an easy decision, let me tell you, but I had to do it. It doesn’t matter what E—

See, I told you. Don’t say it.

What was your childhood like?

I actually had a decent childhood, despite spending most of it in an orphanage. It wasn’t a bad place, if it was a poor one, and I had friends there. I met my wife Ellyn there when we were kids. We didn’t have much, but we were well cared for and just as well educated as the kids with parents. I left the orphanage to get a job as a cabin boy when I was still just a kid. That was a smart move, since it set me off on the rest of my life.

Who raised you?

The orphanage staff and I’m not allowed to say. I don’t remember my parents. The staff was made up of good people. They liked kids and cared that we grew up right.

That didn’t work out so well.

You sound like—

Don’t give it away. But I wrote that character too, now didn’t I? Isn’t it natural for said character to have my same opinion on piracy?

How did you meet the Hubbard children?

*a touch of anger enters his voice* I’ve always known—

You’re not allowed to talk about that. It’s supposed to be a surprise to the readers. I want people to be surprised when I reveal it in the book, not get a spoiler beforehand from you.

Fine. You’re just as controlling as Toarna. There’s not much to say if you won’t let me talk about her. I wouldn’t say I met the other Hubbards. I captured them. Toarna wanted to collect all the Time Captives and so that’s what she sent out her privateers to do.

See, they’re a safe topic. I put that in the first book, so you’re allowed to talk about Emily, Allan, Jill and Joey.

You know I don’t have anything else to say about them. I captured them, I turned them in. I don’t need to have anything else to do with them.

Unfortunately, that’s not true. You still work for Toarna, and she’ll have stuff for you to do regarding them until she’s defeated them once and for all.

You’re saying I’ll never get a break. They’re Time Captives. She can’t do anything to them. They don’t change, except to shut themselves off from the world more and more.

Just wait and see. Your story isn’t over yet.

What is it like to live where you live?

This should be a safe topic, Jeremy. Have at it.

It’s horrible. I live in Calhortz with my wife when I’m not at sea. We used to live in the Yatachee Islands, but then Toarna offered legal protection if I would move to her country and do whatever she said. I thought it was a good offer, but it’s only another kind of slavery. I want to be free of her, to live my own life. But as long as my wife is there, I can’t do anything about it. One day I’ll get away. Toarna will find my service enough and let me go.

We’ll see about that.


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