All Dressed Up for Disney on Ice

I really don’t think that I’m ever going to outgrow Disney. ; ) Well, last weekend we got tickets to Disney on Ice in Birmingham, Alabama, got the little ones all dressed up in their Disney attire, and went to see the show! I would’ve had the post up sooner, but it was a really busy weekend and the weather and my sister’s camera weren’t cooperating.


I chose to wear a maxi dress that has navy stripes on top and the skirt part was coral. : ) It came from Ross. Also a black sweater over it.


This Minnie Mouse purse came from Disney World, when we were vacationing there about 2 years ago. : ) Of course I had to bring it to Disney on Ice.



Boots were a Christmas present.


So that was my weekend. : ) How did you spend yours? Have a blessed week!


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