I’m on Pinterest!

Hello ladies! Today I’m sharing what I wore yesterday and I’m here to tell y’all that I got a Pinterest account. (I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing though!) Pinterest is great for inspiration. I can’t wait to get started!


My socks were kind of the inspiration for my outfit. I love pairing long socks with leggings and a knee length skirt. I tried on a couple different sweaters to see which one looked the best and I really liked my mom’s scarf. : ) That’s how I dress. Just putting it together piece by piece. ; ) (I wore this sweater in my last post also.)


My earrings came from Cato.


Okay, girls, heels are cute but really not worth the pain. ; ) I figured that out pretty quickly. My mom pulled these out for a banquet she was going to with my dad and I thought they were pretty and would match my outfit. Off they came when I was finished taking pictures. ; )


Have a blessed week, everyone! Thanks for stopping by!


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