How to Keep Your Outfits Modest and Stylish

I love shopping for new clothes. Finding pretty things for a good deal is something almost every girl loves to hear. But sometimes it can be difficult to find clothes right off the rack that are modest and stylish. So I thought it would be fun to write a post about tips on how to make clothes modest, keep it stylish, and wear almost anything you can find at a store. This is how I do it…

Everyone has different standards for modesty. For me, I really prefer to have sleeves. So when I buy a cute shirt without sleeves, I’ll usually layer with a shirt with sleeves underneath. As I did here. Or I’ll add a cardigan or sweater, depending on the season. Denim jackets or other jacket materials will work as well. You may think that it would get hot, especially in the summer, but there are lightweight cardigans and shrugs. Also, I don’t think that sleeveless shirts are immodest. I wore one on my birthday. I just feel more comfortable with sleeves. If you feel the same way, layering with t shirts underneath or a shrug over it is a way to still wear sleeveless shirts

Several sweaters I’ll wear over tank tops. : )

I wear skirts and dresses most of the time. I feel that they are more feminine, and it’s easier to be modest wearing a skirt. But that doesn’t mean that I’m against pants. There are some situations where pants or jeans are more modest than a skirt. Like if you’re at a roller coaster park,  painting the house and you need to be on a ladder, or riding a bike. I prefer for my pants to be loose-fitting and I’ll wear a tunic shirt that covers to almost mid-thigh. This is also a great way to wear dresses that are too short. Most modern department stores sell really pretty dresses, but they are almost too short to be called dresses. Wearing them with a pair of jeans or leggings keeps your outfit modest and stylish.

What about shirts that have low necklines? Most shirts do. My mom, sisters, and I have a big collection of tank tops that we wear underneath. We prefer for our shirts to be close to our collarbone. Wal-mart, Target, just about anywhere has tank tops for no one more than a couple dollars. It doesn’t matter how wide the strap. In one of my posts, I shared the way that most tank tops are made. Most tank tops are lower in the front than they are in the back. So, you can turn the tank top around. ; ) No one will know but you.

 Solid color shirts are some of my favorites. You can accessorize them however you want. Wear it with a scarf or a head covering. Skirts and shoes with patterns. (Link.) They also look nice with denim skirts. They is really no way you can go wrong. One of my favorite ways to wear a plain black shirt is with a denim skirt and a patterned head covering or scarf. : )

 Patterned shirts go nicely with denim skirts and solid color skirts. You can add a solid color sweater over it, or match your accessories with the colors in your shirt.

 This is just a preference thing for me. When I wear a shirt that is really loose, I like to wear it with a long necklace or a belt. Or with a denim skirt that is more straight. I just think it gives a more polished and feminine look. Of course you can wear a loose shirt with a loose skirt and there is nothing wrong with it. But I’ve noticed in myself that when I wear a very loose fitting shirt, it looks nicer with a skirt with a material like denim or with a skirt that is made more straight. Same goes for skirts. If I’m wearing a more fitted shirt, I think it looks more decent and modest to wear a loose skirt with it. It just helps the appearance to not look too baggy or too tight.

modestcloset11 A lot of shirts are made now that are see through or have gaps or holes in them. A way to make them modest is to add a decent tank or t shirt underneath. Depending on the shirt, sometimes a jacket or sweater over it will do. : )

 My modesty convictions aren’t meant to be over-thought or legalistic. I don’t believe that good works will get me to heaven, but only the grace of God will. I don’t believe that modesty makes me closer to God or more favored than others. Why do I do it? Modesty is more than being covered; it’s a lifestyle. I want to honor God in everything that I do, and I believe that being modest is one way to do it. : ) Also, it is commanded in Bible to adorn thyself with modest apparel. I want to do a post going a little deeper into that soon. Thanks for visiting today, I hope that you have a wonderful day. : )





10 thoughts on “How to Keep Your Outfits Modest and Stylish

    1. Hey Adina! Thanks for stopping by. My absolute favorite store to buy modest clothes and denim skirts is Cato. So many of my denim skirts that are my favorites came from there. Also, I really like Ross and Bealls. Most clothes can be made modest through layering, or if you’re really crafty, sewing length to dresses or adding sleeves or a higher neckline. : ) Have a blessed week!


      1. I think they are. If you wear t shirts by themselves, how could adding another shirt over it be immodest? 😉 Thanks for the question!


  1. Very cute outfits! I love all of the options and suggestions for making things both modest and stylish!

    I was “parked” by you today on Raising Homemakers.

    Hope you have a blessed day~


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