Warm Winter Blessings!

Hey guys! Today we had a weather forecast for snow. It’s already afternoon, and the snow has yet to come, but it’s still too cold to go outside. : ) I have my doubts that it will actually snow, but maybe the weather will prove me wrong.


See? No snow. ; ) I did take these pictures a few days ago though.


I really love this sweater. It’s perfect for cold days. : ) My family teases me about it because it isn’t a sweater. It’s completely open on the sides, so you could fold the sleeves up and it would look like a blanket. It’s comfortable, though. : )




Also, I wanted to share an apron I won from Abigail from Radical Femininity. She is going to be starting a business selling her aprons, which are beautiful, and really well made. I was very excited and impressed with my apron. : )

I love her blog, which she does with her mom and sisters. Thanks, Abigail!


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