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Sweater Weather : )

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is staying warm as we’re in the middle of ice and snow. : )   It actually did snow a little here in Georgia. Well, I’m looking forward to escaping to Florida tomorrow for a Disney World trip. I’ll try to write outfit posts from each day. : )


Sweaters are a favorite of mine lately. This one belongs to my sister, I have a lavender one exactly like it, but I thought this color matched my scarf better. : )


My earrings were a Black Friday deal from Kohls. : )



  I hope that everyone is staying warm and enjoying this season. : ) Blessings!


12 thoughts on “Sweater Weather : )

  1. Hey I live in St.Pete, like an hour and a half or so away from Disney! Funny that you’re leaving the cold because we’re having a cold front and it’s “cold” for us! I’ve never seen snow in person. The coldest it gets here is in the 30’s. Have fun at Disney!


  2. Love these colors on you ! A great mix of textures and style !
    Thanks for sharing this post on Wearing with Wisdom #136 at KingMakerBlog….it’s so lovely to have you share your cute and modest looks !!!


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