Guest Post: Anya #2

Hey y’all, Anya here! Today was very busy for us. We visited a nearby Messianic Jewish Synagogue called, “Beth Yeshua” (here is the URL: This is what I wore today.


If you can’t tell, it was VERY sunny today. I live in middle Georgia so, it is pretty much 60 degrees and up throughout the year! 😀


Taking this picture was a lot harder than I thought…lol!IMG_0952.JPG

I love boots! IMG_0954.JPG

“Today is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it!” (Psalm 118:24)IMG_0942.JPG

These are my siblings! I am the oldest. 😀 From top to bottom, Aiyanna, Anya, Amanda (Mandi), Noah and Phoebe.IMG_0948.JPG

Okay, she is just too cute right here! I had to post it! Phoebe is 15 months and her hair is done in a style that we call, “the water spout.” ;DIMG_0960.JPG

She learned to walk a few months ago and, she just thinks she’s too cool to be held!IMG_0937.JPG

Oh, that baby chunk on her hands and feet! I just love her! Seems like Phoebe was the center of the post instead of me! ;D

Alright, for the info on my outfit. The dress was my Mom’s, the scarf is hers as well. The undershirt is from Wal-Mart, earrings from my Grandma, and boots from Rue 21 (they were a “buy one get one $10 sale!) and are my sister’s. The sweater is from either a thrift store or a consignment sale.

I hope y’all enjoyed my short yet sweet post. Goodnight, and remember to shine for Christ! I love y’all! 😀 ❤

-Anya Smith



4 thoughts on “Guest Post: Anya #2

  1. Hey, Anya! Thanks so much for guest posting, you are such a sweet friend! I really like your outfit. I like Aiyanna’s too! Phoebe has gotten so big since I’ve last seen her! : )


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