My 16th Birthday Weekend

Hey y’all! So I’m writing at dance on my new laptop for the first time! I’m so excited – it’ll be very useful for blogging and writing. : ) My 16th birthday was last Monday, on April 25th.Since Monday’s are usually busy with school, Spanish, and dance class, my parents took me out on Saturday evening to celebrate my birthday. : )

IMG_6177 (1)


This was supposed to be a surprise, but my sweet three-year-old sister let me in on it. ; )


I had to throw this one in here. My mom texted it to me, and I thought it was pretty funny especially since April 25th is my birthday. : )


Another little surprise from my parents. ; ) Well,  my mom got up at four in the morning to do it, and it was so sweet!

Thanks for stopping by, everyone! I’ll try to get back with a modesty post soon. I’ve been having difficulties with my sister’s camera and my phone’s storage capabilities. ; ) Blessings!


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