Feminine Friday : Plus a Blogger Tag : )

Hey! Victoria from Ruffles and Grace nominated me for a blogger tag, so I am going to incorporate it into my Feminine Friday post!


Four Places I Have Lived:

I’ve been a Georgia girl my whole life. ; )

Four Places I Have Visited:

Um… My favorites are probably Niagara Falls and Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Amish country! I also love visiting Pigeon Forge. We went to another Amish community in Ethridge, TN last month, and I loved it!

Four TV Shows that I Watch:

I Love Lucy. I watch it *almost* every day. When Calls the Heart, Full House, and any cooking/baking competition that is on the Food Network.


Four of my Favorite Foods:

Grilled chicken Caesar salad is my top favorite food. : ) Lasagna, anything that has chocolate and mint. Oh, and bread. Lots of bread. ; )

Four Things I Like to Drink:

I’m a picky drinker. I really am. Water is what I usually drink, except for an occasional Diet Coke. I also love McDonalds’ mocha frappes.


Four Pet Peeves:

This one made me laugh. Um… My biggest pet peeve is knuckle cracking. Ever since I broke two of my fingers when I was 9, I cannot stand the sound of someone cracking their knuckles. Probably my others are when people don’t pick up after themselves and the lovely ,”Your video will play after this ad.”

Four Wacky or Odd Things About Me:

Lol! I probably should have my family and friends write this one. ; ) I don’t chew gum. Having it in my mouth bothers me. I am able to block or tune out ANYTHING. This is a nice skill in a family of 9, but it still turns out to be a problem sometimes. ; ) Don’t watch gymnastics competitions with me. I subconsciously become the commentator. (That’s a deduction. She was out of bounds. She had good flight on her vault. Show that sass, girl!) Finally, I watch TV shows in Spanish for fun. : )


Well, thanks for stopping by today! I hope that you have a blessed weekend!


7 thoughts on “Feminine Friday : Plus a Blogger Tag : )

  1. Cute post Melani! Thanks for participating! I love that outfit by the way! LOL! One of the things we have in common is tuning things out. I agree, it can be an added bonus when you have a large family, (I have 8 siblings) but it can also be a problem like you said! Someone has had to call me several times before they can get my attention if I am focused! HAHA! I would love to watch gymnastics with you!


    1. Thanks, Victoria! The tag was fun! Lol! My sister and I did competitive gymnastics for years, and so we LOVE watching the college teams and Olympic trials! But, my talking very much bothers her. 😉😂 Thanks for commenting, Victoria! I love hearing from you!


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