New on Sunday

Hey! I’m almost out of Wifi for the month, so I’m going to write fast. ; )


I have on what I wore to church today. My mom bought me this shirt last night at Belk, and I love it!



The navy stripes look black in the picture, but oh well. ; ) I borrowed my skirt from my sister, and I think it came from Walmart. It’s fun being able to pass around clothes with my mom and sister!


I added a little bit of curl to my stick-straight hair this morning. ; )


The sweet director of the crisis pregnancy center where I volunteer gave me these shoes. I absolutely love them!

Hope that y’all have a blessed week!


11 thoughts on “New on Sunday

    1. Hey Adina! Thanks so much for the nomination! That was very sweet of you. I usually don’t do tags and awards, because the main point of my blog is to be a ministry. However, I will do the ‘fun’ stuff sometimes. 😉Have a blessed week!


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