How to Build a Modest Closet in 5 Steps



Maybe you don’t feel comfortable in most of your clothes anymore. Maybe you’d like to try dressing more modestly, but you aren’t exactly sure how. Or what to buy. Because, really, I’m sure the idea of going out and purchasing a whole new wardrobe isn’t very appealing. Maybe you’d like to buy a few new things, but you aren’t sure where to start.

~Make it Modest

I’m sure that most your clothes can be made modest fairly easily. You don’t have to throw out the tight jeans, tank tops, and short dresses. Actually, they might be useful to keep around.

~Learn to Layer

I have probably 10 solid color tank tops in my closet. They are perfect for layering underneath shirts that are too sheer, short, or low cut. A lot of my shirts would be too revealing without an undershirt. If you want to have a more modest closet, I suggest buying several tanks that are black, white, and brown. Other colors work too, of course, but black, white, and brown are a good start. Also, it is good to have a couple t shirts that you can wear under thin-strapped shirts.

~Buy a Few Skirts for Everyday Use

Maybe you have a few skirts that you pull out for formal occasions. Too fancy to wear without looking dressed-up. Get a few skirts that are comfortable and durable enough for wearing every day. Knee and floor-length cotton skirts that are solid colors or patterns are good options if you’re looking to buy a few new skirts. Walmart even sells cute striped skirts right now. If you’re looking for a denim skirt, the best places to find them are at Cato, Goodwill, or a thrift store. There are a wide variety of denim skirts sold online, but most of those are a little pricier.

 ~Wear Pants/Leggings with Short Dresses

This one goes two ways! If you feel more comfortable with the feel of pants, you can wear a tunic or short casual dress with it. If you have dresses you like despite the length, you can add leggings or pants and look really cute!

~Be Willing to Let Things Go

Some things are just plain too revealing. Because, let’s admit it, there’s not much you can do to make a tight mini skirt or short-shorts modest. No matter how much you like it. ; ) Have an open mind and be willing to throw out the clothes that you know are not decent.


8 thoughts on “How to Build a Modest Closet in 5 Steps

  1. I like your suggestions, Melanie, thanks for sharing! Right now I’m wearing a cute grey and white striped short dress/tunic top with mint capri leggings, both of which were purchased cheaply at walmart! It has become one of my most-worn outfits. Have a happy Labor Day! 😀


  2. I’ve seen many, many posts about the importance of modesty – I’ve even written a couple myself! – but I’ve never seen someone address this specific practical issue, and I think it’s much-needed. Thank you for sharing with us at Grace & Truth!


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