In Mom’s Closet


When you volunteer to clean out your parent’s closet, you know you are bound to find treasure. ; ) I found this old jacket and skirt of my mom’s, and I borrowed ; ) it for this post. I loved the sunny skirt and denim jacket paired together! Added with my white shirt with a rhinestone bow, and I had myself a complete outfit. ; )


My sister decided to have a little fun, and while I would love to post a picture of her outfit, I knew I would never be forgiven if I did. ; ) Let’s just say that her choice of attire had long gone out of style. She knew it, too!


Don’t you love the mopping bucket in the back?


It’s been really busy around my house lately, but I’m trying to work more time into blogging than once a week. ; ) Yesterday night and this morning my sister and I had dance performances at craft fairs, and so I am exhausted! I actually had to quickly work the hairspray out of my hair and stage makeup off of my face before taking pictures. ; ) Blessings!


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