Thank you Farm Girl Frills!



Hey y’all! Today for “Feminine Friday” I am going to change it up a bit! Instead of doing an  outfit post, I want to tell you guys about this wonderful boutique!

A couple months ago, I won a giveaway that “Farm Girl Frills” was sponsoring. I just recently ordered my items and was beyond satisfied! The customer service was amazing, the handmade jewelry was beautiful and, it came super fast! You can find her websites: here and here (She has 2 different sites). 😀 Please check it out!

Here is what I “purchased.” (I took the pictures over the bag that the items were sent in. :D)


Here is what I “purchased” for my sister:


And a choker to match her earrings:


I just realized that it’s blurry! So sorry y’all! I also got something for my friend’s birthday but, do not have a picture for that. 😀

I recommend her site to all of you! Thank you so much Farm Girl Frills! 5 stars!!!!


With Love in Christ,

Anya (2 Corinthians 5:17) 😀 ❤




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