Fall Guest Posts~ Day 2

hello all you wonderful girls!!! Tis the fall season, am I right?? I woke up this morning to dark clouds, 42 degrees and crazy winds…oh..and a cold. *moans* So I’m a coughing mess but OH WELL. Hahaaa, I just realized that I really haven’t introduced myself. *sticks my hand out* My name is Julia Ryan and I blog over at The Barefoot Gal and Twilight to Dawn (my new little poetry blog). I love books, blogging, chevron and converse.

 My outfit……is almost all from Goodwill hehe!!



comfy fall sweater (goodwill) — $4.29

polka dot skirt (goodwill) — $4.29

hot pink converse (goodwill) — $2.99



 My dream for my fall wardrobe includes lots of comfortable sweaters, a pair of converse and boots, flowy skirts and loads of fun T-shirts. Somehow, I was able to do all that!!! LIKE LETS PARTY

 Thank you Melani for asking me to join in this awesome modest fall fashion party! <3333

 bye you all *HUGS*


9 thoughts on “Fall Guest Posts~ Day 2

    1. Oh gosh it’s your favorite color? How fun! Mine is turquoise. The funny thing is, I almost didn’t buy the converse! But, my sisters said I had to xD I’m glad I did hehe


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