Fall Guest Posts~ Day 3


Hi everyone!

 My name is Victoria and I blog over at Ruffles and Grace. I have a huge passion for modest, feminine fashion, and I am a seamstress with a love for my trade and an enjoyment in creating a lot of the things in my closet. I also love to play piano and sing, as well as write novels and stories. And I share all of those adventures on my blog.



 I was so excited when Melani asked me to guest post on her blog and highlight a fall outfit! I decided on this outfit because I wanted to showcase some of the current fall trends!



I love fall! I am so glad it is finally here! I am what I call “warm blooded” and my body temperature is always warm. So I love it cold! I love getting to cuddle up with a blanket and a mug of tea and a good book. I love the brilliant colors that take over the trees. I love the insane beauty that God created into the world for fall. I love the walks our family takes on weekends in the fall. We choose different locations with lots of trees and get to go for a glorious walk in the sunshine and admire the beauty of the season. I love that we get to eat fresh apples again! We live in Michigan where we are the third largest apple producer in the states. Going to an orchard to pick apples is another tradition that I love. I also love getting to pull out my sweaters, scarves and boots once again!



I am in love with this lace dress! It is perfect for fall because the layer underneath the lace is black so it tones it down enough that it is totally appropriate for the season. I paired it with this neck scarf which is something that is big right now in the fashion circles. The other two parts of this wardrobe that are very fashionable trends right now are my favorite fedora hat and the army green jacket. I just love this hat. I have been able to wear it in lots of different outfits and it was definitely worth the purchase! Short story about the scarf. It belonged to my sister-in-laws mom who was a dear friend and just passed away this year. My sis-in-law gave it to me recently and it feels so special to have something to remember her mom by.


///// Outfit Details /////

Dress: Thrifted $4

Jacket: Thredup.com $12

Hat: $8

Boots: Vintage Justin’s brand $9

Scarf: Gift

Belt: reused from a different dress


What is something you love about fall?

By God’s Grace,



15 thoughts on “Fall Guest Posts~ Day 3

  1. This is such a pretty, indie-style outfit, Victoria! 🙂 I like the lace + army green combination. Your description of autumn was fun…one of my favorite things is being able to have hot drinks while it’s actually the “right” season. 😉

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