Fall Guest Posts~ Day 8

A family picnic with a walk through a pioneer village; one of the highlights of autumn! Extended family met us at Springmill State Park, an annual gathering we look forward to every fall. This step back in time is a good reminder of how hard the pioneers had to work: Keeping fires in each room for warmth, harvesting the crops, spinning wool, and so much more!


Time for long-sleeves! I spied both this striped shirt and gray vest at G.W. Boutique. (Long family code word for Goodwill)

Typically I don’t wear patterns, (my suspicion is that because Mom dressed me in patterns often while I was growing up,  I grew  sick of them). But horizontal stripes are my forever friends. I recently read this pattern represents firmness and stability.


 We hit the antique and consignment stores in  a nearby town for my birthday. I found these earrings on clearance for $3.


These boots are celebrating their second birthday with me in November. I bought them at Target for $69.99. With small heels and warm lining, they are a fall/winter favorite.


This blue jean skirt was another find at G.W. Boutique. Denim is the best article a fashionista can own. It tones down the outfit, making it perfect  for an autumn picnic! Leggings were added for warmth, comfort, and modesty.


At seventeen years of age, Corrie is the youngest member of the writing team at The Long Way to Go. A fashion enthusiast, she writes on modest clothing choices and shares the same fashion tips she shares with her sisters. Her fun and humorous personality (which is a bit on the sarcastic side) keeps her family laughing. Corrie also enjoys cooking and spending time with her little “Tea Lights”– a discipleship group for little girls.







8 thoughts on “Fall Guest Posts~ Day 8

  1. Pretty Corrie! That is just my style. Denim skirts are a staple for me. Unfortunately, mine either don’t fit or are worn out, and I am having a hard time finding new ones. :\ Blessings!


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