Fall Guest Posts~ The Last Day!

Hey y’all! Today we are welcoming our final guest blogger in the Fall Guest Post series. I am so excited to have Christina from Our Wood Home! I have enjoyed hosting all of these fabulous bloggers and I hope that everyone has been inspired by their Harvest inspired modest outfits! Elyse, Julia, Victoria, Janan, Paige, Kimberly, Blaze Ann, Corrie, Naomi, and Christina, thank you so much! Here is our final Fall Guest Post:

Hello, Reflections of the Heart readers! My name is Christina, and I’m the blogger behind Our Wood Home.  I’m probably a bit older than some of you all (I turned 26 last month), and maybe even at a different stage in life (been married almost 4 years!), but I LOVE fall fashion, like you probably do 🙂  Fall is my favourite time of year, and the leaves are so pretty here in Ontario, Canada.

IMG_7734.JPG  I really enjoy dressing for the season, especially since I decided to only wear skirts and dresses a few years ago.  For me it was a personal choice (that my husband was on board with) because I find it easier to be feminine and modest wearing a skirt or dress.  I have seen very nice and modest pants outfits, but there are too many reasons why I stay away, to list them all here!!

IMG_7761.JPGAnyways, let me talk about this outfit:)  This dress was given to me as a birthday gift when I was in college, and I love the colours!  I have an irrational fear of butterflies, but I like them on this dress.  Normally I wear this dress with nicer shoes and a pretty cardigan but I wanted to make it more casual, so I added my trusty thrifted denim jacket and my very favourite boots.  I kept accessories simple with a braided belt and a sparkly pin.


I’d like to take a minute to talk about my beloved Blundstone booties.  They are so comfy, durable, and literally go with everything I own!  Typically people wear them with jeans, but I all about rocking them with a maxi skirt or even a church dress!
For me modest dressing is more than just covering up.  It’s also about showing other girls and women that it IS possible to be covered but dress nicely.  I know one of the misconceptions about modesty is that one has to dress in baggy, outdated clothes with no other fashion options, but that’s so not true!  I hope my post, and all the other fabulous guest posts in Fall Guest Post Series, show you that modest dressing can be stylish, yet reserved!



14 thoughts on “Fall Guest Posts~ The Last Day!

  1. I totally agree that modesty can be stylish! A lot of people are like “Well, I can’t wear skirts and dresses all the time because I want to still wear cute clothes”
    And I’m like “Skirts and dresses can be SUPER cute!” And then they’ll make up some other excuse 😂


  2. Awesome encouragement and outfit! I love your dress Christina! I too love wearing dresses and skirts as well. And just this year I got a pair of booties that I love too! They go with nearly everything, except some of my dresses, but they are just so comfortable too.
    Blessings, Victoria


  3. This is a lovely outfit Christina! 🙂 I like your jean jacket – a good one is always such a treasure to find.
    Melani, thank you for hosting this event. It was fun! 🙂


  4. Lovely outfit, Christina! I really like the way you paired a denim jacket with the dress. Casual, but still dressy. 😉 Oh, and that pin is absolutely gorgeous!


  5. *so relieved to hear I’m not the only one with an irrational fear of butterflies*

    Lovely outfit, Christina! I’ve been out of town for a week or so, so I know this is a little late, but I really do like it, and a big thanks to Melani for hosting us all!! ❤


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