Where There Are Octobers

Hey y’all! Wow, it has been a crazy last couple of weeks on my blog and it has been a blast! First, I hosted 10 Fall-hosted guest posts and later my friend Anya visited with pictures of her little sister, Phoebe. The next fashionista in the making. ; ) It was nice to have a break, though,  because I have been battling a lovely cold for the past couple weeks. Plus having several other sick siblings. Yes, life has been crazy! ; )


So nothing super fancy from me today, just an outfit that is comfortable and warm. ; ) It must be fall, because I have started walking around the house with a jacket. Ha! I am so excited for this season, and I completely agree with Anne Shirley when she says, “I am so glad to live in a world where there are Octobers!”



I added a bright scarf for a pop of color.


I love boot socks. So much. ; )


I guess that sums things up! Thanks for visiting today. Have a blessed soon-to-be weekend!


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