Does Modesty Really Matter? Five Points to Consider.

”Does what I wear really matter? Do I have to think about it? Why can’t I just wear what I want?”



Dress how you want to be addressed. If people see through your actions and dress that you don’t respect yourself, they won’t likely respect you either. Maybe you have never thought about it that way. I’m not saying that it’s wrong to wear pants and you won’t be respected if you do. Not at all. I think wearing pants is fine, even if I don’t choose to wear them often. I am saying that when you decide to put on something that you know is too small, short, revealing, or sheer, you could be giving the message that you don’t value yourself enough. You are more than something to look at, and you need to give the message that you deserve respect.


You were created to be a female. You were created to be feminine. Sadly, that message has been lost in our society today. Women try so hard to be ‘equal’ or ‘better’ than men, but that is ridiculous and shouldn’t be our goal. Dressing femininely shows that you know who you are and you are not ashamed. Because being feminine is definitely not something to be ashamed of! ; )


God commands women to cover themselves. It is obeying and worshiping Him when you decide to reject the ‘normal’ way of dressing for something better. God desires for his daughters to be discreet, chaste, meek, and modest. The word Christian is so loosely thrown around, but it literally means follower of Christ. Simply believing in Jesus doesn’t make you a Christian. Dying to self and following his commands does. Maybe one day you find an outfit that you really like, but in your heart you know that it isn’t what your King would want for you to wear. When you decide to obey God instead of your own desires, He will be pleased and you will be rewarded.


I know I have some younger readers, so I am going to be vague.

Our world isn’t very safe anymore. There are a lot of horrible things that happen and it is sad to all of us. I in no way believe that women are responsible for sins that men commit against them. I think it is our responsibility to not knowingly dress in a way that could be a temptation, though. It goes two ways. We should desire to build up our brothers in Christ and dressing modestly is one way we can do that. Also, do you really want to be looked at in an unkind way?


As a Christian, you are called to be salt and light to the world. People should be able to see that you are not like the rest. Through your actions and in how you conduct yourself. We are called to be in the world but not of it, which means that we should not be worldly in manner or speech. Dressing modestly will set you apart as a Christian. You don’t desire the world’s approval or praise. You care about the One whose opinion matters most. Being modest is a witness and can and will open up opportunities to share the Gospel.

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27 thoughts on “Does Modesty Really Matter? Five Points to Consider.

  1. Amen, Melani! SO so good! I have this quote hanging above the mirror in the room I share with my sisters: “Modest: not because I think I am responsible for other’s sin. Not because I am ashamed of my God-given beauty. Because I am a daughter of the King of kings, and ambassador of Christ, saved by grace, living as a pilgrim in this world, with one mission: to glorify Him.”

    Thanks so much for posting! ❤


  2. I so truly agree with all your points. You have a very nice way of detailing the most important facts. Thank you for sharing:) Stephanie


  3. Great post Melani! When I read this “you could be giving the message that you don’t value yourself enough”, it reminded me of how “back in my day” when a girl dressed immodestly she was referred to as “cheap”. When I see girls dressed this way I don’t look down on them, but rather I have compassion for them because I think about how they’ve bought that lie that they are worth so little. It makes my mama heart sad.


    1. I think that is a very good persceptive to have, Mrs. Long. So often we will see others looking down on girls who choose to dress immodestly, but it is really important to point them to the truth instead of being condemning. Thank you for the encouragement and for visiting today!


  4. Oh, lovely, very well written post, Melani! I so appreciate you sharing your heart on this delicate subject… You touched on some good points and I have to agree with Mrs Long… Immodest clothes really DO make a girl look ”cheap” and it saddens me greatly… We are so valued as daughters in the eyes of God and it is my one desire to bring glory to His name through everything I do…including how I dress!
    Thank you…many blessings!


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