An Ornament of Grace Link-Up #5


Welcome, everyone! I am so excited that it is Thanksgiving week. I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving food and Black Friday shopping! Last year my grandma and I shopped until 3 in the morning on Black Friday, but I’m not sure if we’re doing that this year. Maybe, though… ; )



Autumn by Maddy’s Digital Diary.

This week’s feature seems fitting for Thanksgiving. Maddy shares a couple highlights of fall and some recent photography.


Borrowing Men's Items for Women's Fashion.

Borrow from the Boys by Jodie’s Touch of Style.

Miss Jodie shares some recent outfits where she and others wear shirts for men, but in a feminine way. Her post was viewed the most last week, and I encourage you to check it out!


~Please link posts that are family-friendly and God-honoring.

~A wide range of topics are welcome. Anything that you would like to share!

~There are no requirements to link-up. I do encourage you to read other posts that are shared!

~Link as many posts as you like, old or new!

~To link your post, click on the icon below and follow the directions. Copy and paste your post, choose your picture, name it, and you’re done!

Thank you for sharing! The posts will be up for views all week long. Check back and see what has been added! : ) Happy Thanksgiving!


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