Guest Post with Olivia!

Hello! I am Olivia, a 15 yr old conservative Baptist Christian, a music-lover (I’ve been a violinist for 10 yrs now!), kid and baby enthusiast, photographer, little sister, and a modest fashion lover. Melani is so kindly letting me share with you. 🙂 I am a member of the Southwest Minnesota Orchestra, and we have a concert on Saturday. I was going to show y’all the concert attire I wear, but thought you might not want to see an all black outfit 🙂 Instead I’m showing you an outfit I wear a lot and love the colors of. They say fall to me, and maybe this outfit is a little late, seeing that it’s December 1st already! I twisted my hair up into a bun, and braided my used-to-be-bangs out of the way and secured them with two cream and pearl flower clips.
What I wore:
Ruff Hewn Shirt: Thrift store somewhere 😛
Christopher and Banks skirt: Goodwill
Boots: Goodwill, but they’re originally from Target.
Hair accessories: Claire’s
Opal heart and cz ring: Amazon


Thank you for sharing this lovely outfit this us, Olivia! If you’d like to share your own outfit with us, contact me at Have a blessed weekend!


6 thoughts on “Guest Post with Olivia!

  1. Oh wow, I’m sure you’re a wonderful musician! I love to hear a violin 😉 I love these boots! And even better that you found them at a thrift store! That’s my kind of deal lol


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