Art by Princess Grace

Hey guys! Yesterday I shared a watercolor painting that was sent to me by Art by Princess Grace, and today I want to tell you more about her business!

Original Hand Painted Watercolor Pink Flowers in Vase Framed 8x10

If you didn’t see my last post, this is what she so kindly sent me. It’s an 8×10 picture of flowers in a jar. I’m not sure what type of flowers they are, but they are gorgeous! I have several pictures from Hobby Lobby on my bedroom wall, and this one will match perfectly! She also painted the frame herself. I absolutely love it. Her paintings definitely look professional. I can imagine the time she spent perfecting each piece of art!

Sarah Grace paints pictures in sizes of 5×7, 8×10, 4×6 notecards, and wallpaper backgrounds. She also takes custom orders. Since every picture is hand-painted, each picture will vary slightly, making it even more unique.

Here are a few more examples of Sarah Grace’s work:

Watercolor Inspirational Desktop Wallpaper (5)

Source here. These are her inspirational desktop wallpaper. You can download them and place them for your background on your phone, laptop, Ipod, tablet, whatever. And they are only 2.99 for all five! I don’t know about you, but I’ve already decided that I’m buying them. ; )

A few more of my favorites:

Original Hand Painted Watercolor Dresses Set of 3 Framed 5x7

Source here.

Original Hand Painted Watercolor Wash with Lovebirds Framed 8x10

Source here.

Original Hand Painted Watercolor Birds and Teacups 8x10 Framed

Source here.

Original Hand Painted Watercolor Teacup Framed 8x10

Source here.

These are only a few of her beautiful creations! Check out her Etsy shop and see what else she has for sale!

Have a blessed week!


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