Feminine Friday: The Coldness Has Come!

I’m noticing a pattern here, ladies. If there is any time of year when I just don’t feel very motivated to blog, it’s Winter. There’s something about the chill in the air that makes me want to bundle up and forget that I blog about my outfits. I could definitely care less whether it’s cute or not. Just give me a jacket and boots and long socks, I don’t even care if it matches. ; )


So… I lightened my hair! Most of my friends didn’t even notice. Ha! I’ve been wanting blonde highlights for awhile now, and last weekend I finally decided to buy a box and do it. My dad did it for me. Yes, really! He dyes my mom’s hair for her. So I sat in a chair in his bedroom while he yanked and pulled my hair through that ridiculous cap you have to wear to get highlights. Why was in his bedroom and not the bathroom? He wanted to watch a football game.  : P



I’m going to have to keep this short and sweet, because Mom’s wanting to use the computer. ; ) Have a wonderful weekend!


6 thoughts on “Feminine Friday: The Coldness Has Come!

  1. Your hair looks great and I noticed right away. The color is really pretty! Your dad did a great job! The mental picture of your getting your hair done while your dad did it and watched the football game cracked me up! LOL! So cute! Love, Victoria


  2. I feel the same way! It’s hard for me to want to go outside and get my pics when it’s cold lol And honestly, I can’t get motivated to do anything in the cold weather! lol


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