The Five Minute Dash

Hey y’all! I find it funny that I even try to plan my outfit for church anymore, because I almost always wake up in the morning and put on something else. This is what I wore to church yesterday, completely unplanned, and it only took me 3-4 minutes to decide on it. I’d call that a record. ; )


Is the five minute dash common in your house? You’re about to leave and you realize that you can’t find socks, your purse is missing, and someone’s hair needs to be fixed. That’s pretty much how I roll. I try to get up earlier, but what I really need to do is stop procrastinating what can be done ‘later.’


My sister finally decided to give up a little of her lifetime supply of hoarded cash and buy a 750 dollar camera on Black Friday. Of course, it was Black Friday and so it was *only* 500. 500? That’s still a lot of money in my book! But, she held firm and bought her camera and she really likes it. Plus, I get higher quality blog pictures in the deal. : P




Outfit Details~

Gray shirt- Cato.

Cardigan~ Wal-mart.

Belt~ Kohls

Skirt~ Thrifted. I think.

Boots~ Kohls.



Thank you for visiting! Have a blessed week!

(PS, I’m getting my wisdom teeth removed on December 27th and I will have a few guest posts around that time. Because I’m pretty sure that I’m not going to feel up to blogging for awhile, ;))


12 thoughts on “The Five Minute Dash

  1. I HAVE to plan my Sunday outfit out, or else it takes me forever to pick something! lol That is so neat that your sister got a new camera! I know that sounds like a steep price, but I’m just getting into photography myself, so I’m really excited when I hear that she got it at that kind of deal! lol


    1. She is very excited about it. Me, I thought the camera was so complicated that I couldn’t even figure out how to turn it on. 😂 You know, I mentally plan my church outfit but I don’t really take the time to find everything and have it laid out, etc. Maybe that would help me in the morning!
      Have a blessed weekend!


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