How to Stay Warm in a Skirt When the Weather Gets Colder


Not a smart outfit choice, I thought as I stepped out of the car and the cold night air quickly greeted me. My family and I were driving around a university looking at holiday lights, and I really didn’t expect it to me that cold. Yeah, I was wrong.

I was wearing a tank top, light sweater, and skirt that definitely wasn’t thick or warm. Oh, but I was wearing boots. ; ) I nearly froze and I vowed then and there to write a post about how to stay warm while wearing a skirt. So here we are. ; )

Of course, I could’ve worn leggings, long socks, and a heavy jacket, but I didn’t because I didn’t expect it to feel as it did. Actually, last night my family went to the theater to watch my sisters perform in the Nativity ballet and it was almost warm. Weird, right? That’s Georgia for you.

I’m going to be honest with y’all, I really don’t like the feel of leggings. My mom and sisters wear leggings almost every day and love them, but I don’t. The material of leggings and skirt sometimes “stick” and it bugs me. A lot.

I have several ways that I stay warm in a skirt. First, wearing something underneath helps. Leggings, shorts, tights. Or, I may or may not have worn PJ pants underneath my long skirts on a few occasions. ; )

I also have a few skirts that are two thick layers. I am almost always completely warm in those with boots. Plus, they’re super comfy!

(My two thick skirts. Both from Cato. I absolutely love them!)

Long socks are in style and they definitely help me stay warm. I honestly think that you can be warmer in a skirt than pants. Why? Jeans aren’t that thick of a material and unless you layer underneath, you’ll probably be colder than the gal in the thick-materiel skirt with layers underneath.

But… if you really feel warmer in jeans and wish to retain your normal modesty standards, you can always wear a longer top or short dress. For me, I usually wear a top or short dress that goes to about mid-thigh. You may want something longer or feel comfortable with something a little shorter. I think that this is beautiful and feminine!



14 thoughts on “How to Stay Warm in a Skirt When the Weather Gets Colder

  1. Great tips! I hear you about the leggings getting caught on the skirts. It drives me crazy, but since I live in Michigan, I have had to make do with wearing leggings. I’ve gotten used to it as long as I have a slip or petticoat underneath. Layering is key!!! Merry Christmas! ~ Victoria


  2. And you may already know this, but if I wear leggings, I wear a slip, so that it doesn’t stick to the skirt so much! It still sticks a little, but not too bad 😉


  3. I agree, I don’t like the way leggings and skirts stick to each other. I usually wear a silky slip, and that helps a ton, as well as helps add warmth. 🙂 I also like wearing leggings underneath my jeans, with a mid-thigh-ish length tunic too. It is so comfy and warm in our very VERY cold Michigan weather! 😉 Merry Christmas to you and your Melani! ❤


  4. So interesting to read that someone else thinks you can be warmer in a skirt than pants! I have always thought that MUST be true! I was brought up with skirts/dresses, and only just more recently started wearing leggings underneath. My big problem is it has to be cotton or wool or my skin goes crazy! =(
    I live in Sydney Australia, so it isn’t as cold as some places, but it is a wet cold that goes through your bones (just repeating what I was told by an American from Pennsylvania), so we need to have lots of layer and hope for the best =)


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