A Wintery Guest Post!

                Hey everyone! I hope you are all having a blessed, special week! I am thankful to have the opportunity to guest-post on this blog! Back in July I did my first-ever guest post, and you may want to go back and read that if you want to know a bit about me! 

My sister Annie and I had put together a spring outfit to share with you all, since it was spring here in Australia, but we thought that we should post a cold weather outfit since that would be more useful right now for most of you! It seemed a bit weird pulling out our thick skirts and long-sleeved tops on a warm spring day, and I was sweltering by the time I came up with this outfit!   (At least the day we took these pictures it was cooler!


My boots are hand-me-downs from my mother, because they have slight heels that hurt her back. For the same reason, I don’t wear them much either!

Predictably, this skirt comes from an op-shop. I love the plum colour with a hint of burgundy, as well as the flowers.  And it’s nice and thick for cold weather!

This post, I also have two online shops to share with you, that my sisters and I have discovered over the past year or so. One is Dainty Jewell’s, which are based in Oregon, USA. They specialise in modest, elegant, feminine clothing, with dainty details. This makes many of their styles suitable for special occasions, but they do have some more basic styles too. The cream top in this outfit is from them. It is made of a very soft cotton and spandex blend, and is so comfortable to wear. The sleeves originally had a double layer of ruffles, but I cut one of them off, because to me that seemed a bit awkward! I do like the look of ruffles though -they are such a fun, feminine detail! This top also has an elegant taffeta bow on the front, which you can’t completely see in this picture. (This top is currently sold out, but they do still have a fairly similar one, called the Original Dainty Jewells Layering Top.)


There is a problem with this top though. I ordered a size up from what I would normally wear, because I didn’t want it to be as tight-fitting as the online pictures showed. This made the neck way too wide so I have to wear it with something to cover up the sides of the neck.

Solution number 1: Wear it with a scarf.  But if I wore a scarf as one normally would, draped around the neck, it would cover up the main part of the bow, and look silly! So I came up with this way of wearing it, somewhat shawl-style, secured with a size small Star of David Lilla Rose flexi clip. Sometimes I love this way of wearing it, and other times I just don’t know if I do! I would love the honest opinions of any readers!

A while ago my mum found a picture online showing twenty-something ways to tie a scarf, and that really stirred my interest in trying out different ways to wear them. Did you know you can make a scarf into a belt? I tied it that way for one of the pictures, as you can see. Or you can drape it loosely down the front-that way it kind of reminds me of an open-front cardigan! So here are three ways you can wear a scarf, illustrated:

The scarf in this outfit came from came from an op-shop, and I LOVE the colour! Plum, burgundy, and teal are my favourite colours to wear because I’m an “autumn” in personal colouring.

Solution number two: Wear it with a vest. I would totally wear a denim vest with this! That would also make it more casual. I love the look of dainty clothes like this top balanced out with “rugged” denim!

Now for the second online shop! Did you notice that the clip I’m wearing in my hair and the one that’s holding my scarf in place are the same, just in different sizes? Before we found Lilla Rose, my sisters and I had problems with our hair flopping down while we were trying to work, walk the dog, etc. But these clips have largely solved our problems, as they are very secure. They have so many beautiful designs that work for just about any hairstyle! They sell not only clips, but also hairbands, pretty bobby pins, U-pins, and other hair-tamers/accessories! So, that’s the whole outfit! I hope you got a few ideas, and maybe some inspiration to play around with scarves, or try some online shopping if you can’t found what you need in regular shops! 🙂 If you have already gone shopping on the web, I’d love to hear what your favourite clothes stores are! Just leave a comment below!


I don’t exactly know why, but to me this outfit seems Christmassy! Maybe it’s the combination of the elegant top with clothes that are almost burgundy. Or it could be the Stars of David! I was hoping it might be cool enough to wear this outfit for Christmas, but the forecast says 40 degrees Celsius, which is 104 Fahrenheit, so… I think not! What are you wearing for Christmas this year? I’d love to hear!

Have a very blessed Christmas and New Year, everyone!



9 thoughts on “A Wintery Guest Post!

  1. Thanks for the tips concerning the online stores. Your outfit is lovely. Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and a 2017 full of blessings.
    Marilyn and family


  2. Thank you Paige! The flexi clip idea was inspired by a friend who used her clip to tie the loose ends of a drapey cardigan together. I hope you find it useful! 🙂


      1. Hi Olivia!
        Yes, an op-shop is just the Aussie term for what you would probably call a thrift store! 🙂 It is actually short for opportunity shop! Sorry, I should have explained that! Thank you and God bless!



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