Abigail’s Guest Post!

Hey ya’ll! Abigail here to kick off the last days of December! (and fill in for Melani) I apologize for my single picture; shortly after it was taken we had a snow storm and photo shoots were a leeetle out of the question. Now, about my outfit……..

My sweater is a basic, solid color top that I find myself wearing a lot. I wear it casually with a navy blue tank top and formally with a white undershirt. It’s pretty warm, (while not being too hot indoors) making it a choice piece in my wardrobe. (When in reality it goes in my drawer when I’m not wearing it lol) My scarf is not actually mine, it belongs to my mom and we share it. My jeans are a comfortable, modest pair I found at a store for half off. The boots I’m wearing are a classic “me” style for winter given to me last Christmas. (So are the purple fuzzy socks I’m wearing. I constantly wear fuzzy socks during wintertime.)


Scarf: Walmart, believe it or not!

Sweater: Old Navy

 Undershirt: Downeast wonder tee

 Jeans: Tilly’s

 Boots: Kenneth Cole Reaction

Well, that’s all, I’m not at all experienced so this will just have to be short and sweet. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



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