Crazy, Busy Days in January

Hey y’all! It’s crazy how time flies. Things have been pretty quiet around here lately, mostly do to lots of running around, projects that I’ve been tackling lately, and, not to mention studying for the ACT. : ) Plus, a trip to the library and several new books may or may not have anything to do with it. I just finished Bridge to Haven by Francine Rivers, something that I’ve been wanting to read for a long time and was so excited to find at the library! ; ) I finally got my Etsy shop up and running. It’s super exciting when a goal you’ve been working towards finally unfolds! I can cross that off my 2017 bucket list. ; )


I seriously haven’t seen this skirt in months. Finding it a few days ago was VERY exciting. ; ) The weather here has been very inconsistent, with snow two weeks ago and sunny-in-the-70s weather last weekend! It’s ridiculous when you walk outside in January and feel hot wearing boots and a sweater. Well, fellow southerners can sympathize. ; )



My church friends and I did a gift exchange on New Years and I received this lovely necklace! It’s an essential oils necklace, so you can put oil or perfume in the little bottle and it smells nice. Talk about cool. ; ) My friends know me well!


Thanks for stopping by! Have a blessed Sunday!

(PS, I have a little secret to share. I recently found this very sweet and encouraging blog, Glory and Honor. I’ve read all of her posts, and I’m hoping that she will continue with writing on her blog for a long time to come! Here is the link.)


6 thoughts on “Crazy, Busy Days in January

  1. Hi Melani. I love the color of that skirt. That necklace is lovely. Glad you got to read the book you have been wanting to read.



    1. Aww, thank you, Sarah Grace! I’ll be sure to follow your shop too! Once I figure out how. 😁 For a girl with a blog, I am horrible with computers. Ironic, right? 😂 Have an amazing week!

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