Why Christian Girls Should be Old-fashioned


I was recently rereading one of my favorite inspirational Christian books. I was thinking about some of its ideas and morals that are SO different then what you usually see or read. Really, the book may even be considered “old-fashioned.” Actually, I am positive that it would be considered old-fashioned! ; )

I flipped the page to Chapter 24. The title of this chapter?


I really think the idea of girls being “becoming” has completely lost any importance in today’s culture. It’s fairly safe to say that most teenage girls we come in contact with walking into a restaurant or shopping for groceries don’t act becoming. By the way, what does the word “becoming” even mean?

1: Appropriate, suitable, or proper in manner and appearance.

It’s become acceptable and normal for girls to be loud, boisterous, sarcastic, and disrespectful. Now, everyone doesn’t act this way, and I know a lot who girls who don’t… but I also know a lot who do. This isn’t God’s plan for us, though. We are told even in Scripture to be discreet, meek, chaste, modest, etc.

There’s nothing wrong with having fun and being silly every once in a while. I’m not saying that. There’s a time and a place for joking around and, maybe, just maybe, Walmart isn’t that place. ; )

Oh, goodness, y’all. I live in a small town and I could tell you plenty of stories of funny things that happen in Walmart. One instance comes to mind when a mother and daughter were shouting at each other, separated by several aisles, about what items they were finding. It was actually really funny, but definitely not very appropriate.

As I’m writing I’m trying to think back to say, 200 years ago. A time when girls were honored, not ridiculed, for being considerate, kind, and gentle. When certain behavior would be considered outrageous, not normal.

Let’s go back to my book. It’s called Young Woman, Be Virtuous. Here are a few chapters from this book:

Developing an Honorable/Respectful/Gracious Character. (Three different chapters.)

Christian Service.

Being Thrifty.

Music that Helps You.

Every Young Woman Needs a Savior.

Home and Church Life.

Yes, I think these uplifting and godly morals would be considered “old-fashioned.” A girl who follows them is even more deserving of the word. I want to know why teenagers acting respectful is “old-fashioned.” I want to know why girls and women not being ‘fluent in sarcasm’ is “old-fashioned.” If everything that is honorable and right is considered “old-fashioned,” where does that leave modern America today?

As Christians, let’s be different. Let’s strive to follow God and not the world. Maybe even, dare I say it, be considered old-fashioned!

As many times as I’ve used the word old-fashioned in this post reminds me of a movie I’ve watched recently. (You’ll never guess what it’s called.) Old-fashioned!


I need to do a review on this movie soon. Anyway, thank y’all for visiting and have a blessed week!



27 thoughts on “Why Christian Girls Should be Old-fashioned

  1. Oh, I just love what you’ve written here, dear Melani! You echoed my thoughts exactly… Encouraging young girls, particularly my younger sisters, to embrace many of the old-fashioned ways is something I love to do! Recently I found a couple of the old American Girl films….my sisters love them! The girls in the films portray what a young lady ought to be – gentle, caring, considerate, meek and kind… It is good to aspire to this! I am so thankful you share a love for old-fashioned things, Melani…sometimes I think I was born into the wrong era! There again…I dearly love my computer and being connected to the internet so I am just fine with being alive at this period in history! {{Smiles}}
    Thank you for sharing your heart on this tender subject…many thanks and blessings to you, friend!


    1. Thank you for the sweet comment, Kelly-Anne! I too believe that I was born in the wrong century… Although I do appreciate modern conveniences! 😉 That is wonderful that you are encouraging your younger sisters in old-fashioned ways! Have a blessed week!


  2. Such a great post Melani! I whole-heartedly agree! I am and strive to be an old-fashioned girl. And even though I may be ridiculed for it, I try to stand strong in it. I will have to check out that book! BTW, I tagged you in my latest post if you are interested! Blessings,


  3. I haven’t seen this movie yet, but need to! Anyways, I totally agree! It’s like when you go into the store and the person is next to you on the phone, and they’re just talking about EVERYTHING where everyone can hear it. It’s like people have no dignity! I’m definitely old-fashioned too, and I’m not ashamed of that 🙂 And there are some things I’m trying to work on because I’m a very outgoing person, and love to be silly and goof off, but yet try to not be *too* silly when I’m out and about lol


    1. It’s a very good movie! It’s nice to watch a movie sometimes that’s more than just entertainment, you know? 😉 It’s also very thought-provoking! Haha, yes, I understand! I have this same problem too. I don’t want to be *too* goofy. Lol! Have a blessed weekend!


  4. Love this!
    The worst thing I hate (is that proper grammar!) that people say is “old-fashion” is being pro-life. Like its ok to murder an innocent baby because we’re in the 21st century!


  5. Thank you for sharing your heart Melanie. I have never heard of that book, but it sounds like an encouraging one. When being “Old-fashioned” means having values from God’s Word, there is nothing wrong with that! 🙂


  6. So happy to have found your blog from the Classical Homemaking Link-Up! What an inspiration you are to girls seeking Christ! Keep up the wonderful work! And I agree, being old fashioned is an awesome thing to be, and the movie Old Fashioned was awesome too!


  7. Dear Melani, This was my 1st visited to your blog. I came over from The Modest Mom blog. What an encouragement this post was to me! It is sad that being virtuous, appropriate, modest e.t.c. is thought of as “outdated” & “old-fashioned” in our culture today. I have always loved being and thought of myself as an old-fashioned girl. But I guess i thought it had more to do with my personality then anything. Yet after reading your post, I am realizing it may have a lot more to do with my desire to be a virtuous & God honoring young woman, (in the midst of a culture that has turned their back on God) then a personality thing….

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts! As you can see, they have inspired me to think more on this matter as well! 🙂 I look forward to reading more on your blog in the future!

    Blessings to you!


    1. Hi Noelle! I’m glad that you liked my post. I can often see in myself a desire to be “old-fashioned” in morals and ideals, and I think it is something that every girl should strive for! Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving an encouraging comment! Have a blessed week!


  8. Hello, I am fairly new to following your blog but not in the least bit disappointed at all. You embody exactly what every Christian should strive for. The reason you that is because you put him first and also it seems you seeds fell on good ground. For this no other foundation! You’re a blogger now but I can see you becoming a strong advocate for Christian living. God Bless you… I was also hoping I could re blog this because I think the world needs a refresher course on Christianity. The only problem is most of the members of the world church would rather have the thoughts of under qualified and overpaid television actors rather than seek the thoughts of our Lord.


    1. Thank you so much for the encouragement! I agree with what you said- the world does need a refresher course on what Christianity is… and what it isn’t. You are welcome to reblog this post, if you would like!
      Have a blessed weekend!

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      1. Hey so I took some time to review your article. There’s no flaw in it. You’re great influence for young persons and Christians alike. You even nailed your scriptures. I’m encouraged to see that kind of thing out of the younger generation. The topic spoke volumes and I think God will use you in your future because I can already see how he’s using you now. Is my hope that God blesses you spiritually physically and financially. You have great roots in Christ hold on to them like a small child ends on to her blanket. Never let him roots go dry but keep adding to your faith continuously. You maybe just a blogger now but you are a part of the greatest family in the world God’s family. It’s wonderful to be in the family of God. I encourage you to keep writing and keep seeking God In Prayer and reading the word and when you have spare time take some time to read Beverly Lewis’s novels. Or even better how the prophet Samuel was used of God even as a small child. Study the characteristics of the men and women of the Bible again perspective on how to stay separated from the world but continue to show Unique Individuals the love they need to press on to achieve the higher calling of God. you’re well on your way and you’re going to make quite the mark on the world I can tell you that now

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